About Us

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Campus Wear began in 2008 not because there was a lack of uniform stores in the area, but because there was a lack of service to the parents purchasing uniforms.  Having had their own children in private school, the owners wanted to remove the "daunting experience" that is associated with uniforms and make the process smooth and hassle free. This philosophy was incorporated into the branding of our youth sports and business apparel divisions. By offering turnkey solutions for outfitting an entire team, including all embellishments, this helped minimize sourcing and ordering from multiple vendors, thus streamlining the process for the team managers. 

The business apparel division is responsible for outfitting corporate, career and casual markets. We specialize in Hospitality, Restaurant, Casino, Hotel/Resort Properties and Security.  We have the resources to help the business owner reduce their overhead by not having to inventory staff apparel and order as needed. 

Innovative Approach

Our expertise doesn't stop at apparel! 

     By investing in the most up to date equipment and software, Campus Wear is able to handle the majority of the jobs in-house which helps keep cost down. Our in-house capabilities range from embroidery, traditional screen printing, heat press technology, vinyl and more.

     We offer custom  Web-Stores that make the buying experience easy and at ZERO cost to you.  We build the store to your specs, products and recommendations and within minutes you can be up and running. This is the best solution to allow employees, parents and fans to purchase YOUR branded products online.  To learn more about Web-Stores click the link below.